Personal Trainers Class

Our professional personal trainer team provides fitness assessment for anyone in need. Based on the members’ physical condition and fitness goals, our experienced trainers will customize the fitness program so as to help members achieve goals in a safe and effective way. (*There is a 7-day cooling-off period available for consumer purchases.)


1-20 sessions

1-20 sessions HK$800

21-50 sessions

21-50 sessions HK$700

51-100 sessions

51-100 sessions HK$600

Group Class

YOGAYoga benefits whole-body wellness, both physically and psychologically. The Yoga movements help to massage and stimulate organs of elimination through twisting and bending, in order to create a detoxification effect. It also encourages blood circulation to often-neglected areas of the body like connective tissues, joints and internal organs.

MUAY THAIMuay Thai is a traditional fighting technique originated in Thailand, as many people will know, this technique is characterized by the use of elbows, knees, punches, leg attacks in very short distances which focus on practicality. It is also a very lethal martial art. Modern Muay Thai is not only for men but also suitable for ladies. Many office ladies, models and artistes use Muay Thai to shape up their body, for not only being an aerobic exercise, but also for self-defense. Muay Thai training will result in a slimmer figure but without larger muscles.

BOXINGis listed as an Olympic game in BC 688. Attack, defense, up and down movement and counterattack skills are the main boxing techniques. The basic boxing training focus on hitting with the use of different tools so as to enhance upper body muscles and strength. While the lower body training is to emphasize in footwork skills, it helps to build body balance force and improve the flexibility. Boxing is an aerobic exercise which support heart and lung function and to boost up metabolism and to burn body fat.

for 10 classes HK$1200

for 10 classes HK$1200

for 20 classes HK$2000

for 20 classes HK$2000

Non members

  • HK$1800 for 10 classes

  • HK$3000 for 20 classes

  • HK$5200 for 40 classes

Expiry date : Number of classes purchased x 7 days


  • No Joining fee
  • Intelligent and automated self-service
  • Advanced technology with Smart Face Recognition Terminal
  • No prepayment, monthly membership
  • Clear and high transparency pricing
  • Fitness goals
for 12 months

for 12 months HK $520 / MOP $ 548 (per month)

for 6 months

for 6 months HK $720 / MOP $ 748 (per month)

for 1 month

for 1 month HK $1020 / MOP $1048

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