Brand Story

Urban citizens live a hectic life, where health and quality of living are closely correlated. With the enhanced awareness to health, the general public might want to spend more time on exercise, yet the opening hours of conventional fitness centers could not fit their schedule. It is very common in foreign countries to have 24-hour gym rooms, where members can exercise according to their demands free of time limits. This is also the reason why we start up this 24-hour fitness center brand, to serve the public and promote the popularization of fitness trainings. Members can experience state-of-the-art and eco-friendly fitness facilities, as well as automated self-services. We also cater for the specific needs and set up personal trainer classes. Our professional team would help you achieve your fitness goals. The no prepayment and pay according to the month membership scheme offers clear and highly transparent pricing, to let you experience a comfortable and unconstrained fitness model with a fair and favorable price. We are here to transform the fitness industry and establish a healthy image.