NEWS 2022-01-06

“Hong Kong Fitness Guide 2021” Summit: Industrialization of Sports & Fitness

Our CEO- Ingrid attended the summit of “Hong Kong Fitness Guide 2021” earlier to analyze the expansion trend of 24-hour fitness venues.


The 24-hour fitness industry was still at its infancy in 2018. There were only 10 centers in Hong Kong, which operated with non-mainstream methodology. It then increased by 3.1 times to 37 centers in 2019!


With the popularity of sports and the more flexible workout schedules of users, the 24-hour fitness centers are favored by more and more end users. 24-hour fitness venues have become the leader of “adverse market expansion” which then increased a further 2.1 times to 117 centers. 24/7 FITNESS has opened 50 plus locations and is the brand with the most facilities in Hong Kong.


Ingrid shared her views about the gym industry in the summit. Due to the inconsistency allocation of time between work and rest, most users prefer a safe and comfortable workout environment. Workout has become a main form of social activity for youngsters, it can be foreseen that 24-hour fitness centers are destined to become a popular trend within the fitness industry. 24/7 FITNESS has over 50 branches in Hong Kong, becoming the most facilities in Hong Kong.


We are bringing in a new operation model with automated self-service registration, monthly payment for memberships, clear and transparent pricing. This is also how we have successfully established a healthy image for the fitness industry as a whole.


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