NEWS 2023-04-27

24/7 FITNESS is honored to be awarded the “Outstanding Chain Fitness Center”

“01 Gold Medal Awards 2022” ceremony hosted by “HK 01″was successfully held on 27 March 2023. It aims to recognize prominent enterprises with outstanding corporate images within their respective industries. Leaders from a wide range of commercial fields were present to share the occasion. Including finance, banking, insurance, information technology, telecommunications, real estate and public utilities, etc.


24/7 FITNESS is honored to be awarded the “Outstanding Chain Fitness Center”! We would like to show our deep appreciation to the organizer. As always, we are here to transform the fitness industry and establish a healthy image for everyone.


Thank you for the support from all our members in the past five years, so that we can continue to develop. With the most locations in the region, our 80+ facilities network now covers Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories, Macau and the Mainland.


We strive to provide the best level of services to our members. Your support is our greatest motivation!


Let’s review the highlights of the awards ceremony together: