NEWS 2020-09-02

24/7 FITNESS welcomes you back

Are You Ready? We believe that everyone has been waiting for a long time!


24/7 FITNESS welcomes you back!


In order to create a carefree and enjoyable workout environment at our facility, we have well prepared:

  • Upgraded our daily cleaning & sanitizing procedures and conduct preventive deep sanitization in all our facilities
  • Partitions have been set between fitness equipment
  • Upgraded our entry systems with state of the art thermal imaging technology



Members please pay attention to personal hygiene:

  • Must wear a face mask and disinfect your hands before entering the gym
  • Wipe with ethanol disinfectant before using the facilities
  • If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention immediately


We look forward to seeing you on this Friday (4th September) at 12 noon!