NEWS 2021-02-17

24/7 FITNESS welcomes you back

Are You Ready? We believe that everyone has been waiting for a long time!


24/7 FITNESS welcomes you back !


In order to create a carefree and enjoyable workout environment at our facilities, we are well prepared:

  • Upgraded our daily cleaning & sanitizing procedures and conduct preventive deep sanitization in all our facilities
  • All facilities have adopted a long-term antibacterial coating (ECO)
  • Partitions have been set between fitness equipment
  • Entry systems with state of the art thermal imaging technology


Warm Reminders:

Members please pay attention to personal hygiene:

  • Must wear a face mask when entering & leaving
  • Use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands
  • Wipe with ethanol disinfectant before & after using the facilities
  • If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention immediately


We should all pay attention to our health and hygiene, never let our guard down!


We look forward to seeing you on this Thursday (18th February) at 12 noon!


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